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tv   KRON 4 Early News  KRON  May 29, 2014 6:00am-7:01am PDT

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that's san francisco this morning were a man that ends up under a car. coming up the questions police have but one of the students killed and the santa barbara rampage attended as high school in san jose tonight and family friends and former teachers
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beautiful enjoy it because temperatures will cool beginning tomorrow and into the week and will talk about that and the tell coming up in just a moment but at 601 us never to the traffic center. any problems. the one problem we are tracking has cleared and rather nicely. an accident on the nimitz freeway north about 880 embarcadero now gone from the traffic lanes and from the freeway. the chp is
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completely wrapped up at the scene of the accident and traffic here it is quickly than thankfully report returning to normal. no. did at the bay bridge of the metering lights have been activated for just about 20 minutes. there were turned off fairly early and the back up is already starting to build past west grand ave. and even the 80 the approach is starting to back up as well. this happened in the parking lot of the chevron gas station. some of
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the great actor involved in this accident. new information this morning santa's the police just told us that the victim in this is in critical condition and i see you. they're hopeful that he is going to survive in his injuries as to what led to this accident there are more questions than answers at this point here's what we heard this morning. cup game tell me he's a man and his 30's. around 330 this morning at its may passenger came to his guests as a result of that and there was some sort of reaction of a man in here with a sidewalk carts but there's a police surgeon with what happened next 3 it's that were changing a tire is still under investigation. but there's no question at some point this man was under the tire. and fire departments ride on
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the scene and they were able to hoist up reidsville the rear end of the vehicle. >>: sectors as a police have obtained surveillance video san francisco police still trying to sort all this out of the good news is the victim in this will hopefully survive his injuries. the that the passenger at this point is just a witness of this. the driver will have his blood pools. uc-berkeley if those who attended the memorial honoring those lot of victims' of all of the red
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cross and the massacre last week kron4's will tran is live at leland high school and san jose worst one of the victim's 99 george chan will be remembered. >>: marked a memorial the week-long memorial is continues with a very strong com sad time for leland high school to read their the midst of getting ready for the final script that they heard the news that former allow nynex to graduate in 2012 that he was among the six killed. they will have a vigil tonight at 830 already on the facebook. 50 people have confirmed. they expect up to 1000 people. here's a picture of george and just 19 years old. his parents state and san jose just a few miles from with his grandmother
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i've confirmed will be in attendance tonight. us there's also a good chance of that car broken parents will be back from santa barbara. that they will also be here. there will be surrounded by love so many people remember him. especially former student to remember him when he was here. they were sophomores at the time and is their seniors this year that they probably saw each other in the hallway. i was reading the facebook comments during the last hit three if there is and how much they remember what a good guy he was 3 to we of course will get reaction from the teachers and students when they arrive in about an hour from now. for us >>: >>darya: police have a person in custody. for rabin someone at gunpoint and barricading himself and a home for hours. san francisco police responded to this at 23rd and 10t chatwell st. as to their
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kron4 thirty. if the streets were shut down grid with the man did not take any hostages and no shots were fired. it was resolved >>: a bill designed to curb san francisco the evictions is its failed in san francisco. this bill would have required san francisco landlords to own a building for five years it what the bill failed to gain a majority support at the state capital. still ahead a kron4 morning news at man is behind bars 4th forcing a young woman and to his prostitution right now in
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are >>: welcome back to the kron4 morning news has a quick check of traffic at 6103 stow already backing up at the bay bridge toll plaza. house of the drive times already shot up to 80 minutes coming out of the
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macarthur maze six in if you're heading out the public transit you have an easy ride. with no delays or problems reported first set of the central valley on a strained if grid of arts and the many metro on time. fifth >>darya: the top stories on kron4 dot com this manchester brown is under arrest for being a accused of forcing a 17 year-old girl from antioch into prostitution. south the girl says she was able to escape from brown and stockton three you have more details and that our web site >>: if and a lot of people still clicking on this story st. mary ann harp aaron hernandez the former new england patriots players said he felt this respected because of a stranger about that to him is built his drink and that will lead hernandez to open his up fire and to that stranger's car killing two men. hernandez pleaded not guilty to murder on wednesday >>: of more local news and
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the big stories you need to know still ahead this morning. at 617 were going to tell you how when chores with that may bring you closer to your kids that's gridlock. teacher layoffs. and a 60 billion dollar budget deficit.
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back and update on weather and traffic was start with the cool forecast. >>james: morning guys. there are rough camera showing clear skies. you can see the flag atop the building doing nothing. the breeze is awfully mild. it's a difference or if you're out of the delta or solano county. some gusty winds there and that's why we have a rebel flag warning for places like fairfield and vallejo. s if you're traveling all towards the sacramento valley in a red flag warning there as well. so the rest of the bay area is looking pretty good. in fact but walking through the temperatures. 55. the office december from more parity get the idea permit widespread 50s on the map at this clear. or looking for my son is skies. temperatures will look like a desperate love to mid 80s and the south bay. that will
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be the general temperature range low to mid. slow the mid 80s i said today. if you had to solano county for phil to be on the warmer side as well. 76 in oakland. and a mix of films when all
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one a little slow enough along the freeways and that's usually where it to
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the golden gate bridge. >>: know this morning health officials say now that they were wrong when they reported that a mystery illness the virus known as murres and did not in fact spread from an l.a. man of the cdc revise reported yesterday and earlier this month a doctor who traveled from saudia arabia to indiana was identified as the first u.s. case of mars tariffs officials tested posy matt and one test detected antibodies against the bars and an illinois man. it's a big discount to the finding of >>: lawmakers could soon be suspended without pay. the state senate passed a proposal as a constitutional amendment that permits the legislation said. the mms still have to go beat for the voters. if the measure was introduced after democratic lawmakers lindsey and parana were suspended after being charged with corruption. ms
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actually it accused of sexually assaulting drop lemon shark was arrested twice for two different sex assault cases on may 9th and may kept was raised. among those rare gold coins that were found in the back of a california couple's home are selling fast and they're making and the man to. there's plenty more to sell. altogether those coins are supposed to be a or all of a million dollars. is a critical study i found on the internet to the dishes the laundry the cooking and
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cleaning this is a lot of housework to go around. a new study says perrin to assure those responsibilities may also be sharing an important lesson specifically with their daughter. and the traditional division of labor at home the daughters were much more likely to envision themselves in a traditionally female career like teacher nurse or stay at home, correct and then to do the dishes tonight maybe take out the trash. like i said it looks like if you aspire to be a teacher or imam is probably because easier ongoing that around house >>: >>: and liftoff. it and that was the russian. they're
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drawn into russians and americans who benefit of the space station since march of the nose was scheduled to spend more than five months on board the iss. russian and u.s. space agency's continues to work together despite friction over what's happening in ukraine. ken >>: my dad worked as a short order cook.
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right here. my parents were immigrants. and they taught me that with hard work, anything is possible. i earned a scholarship to mit. and worked across party lines to get things done. i'm alex padilla. i'll protect voting rights for everyone. and make it easier to start a business. so we create jobs and opportunity for all californians. what should we order? (announcer) alex padilla. secretary of state.
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intel has released a smart shirts and designed for people to wear while the exercise in the short tracks your heart rate and delivers information over blue suit and why fifes to your smart phone. so you're sure to says it hired kind of thing. the company says the shirt could stream of data to the cloud as someone is exercising. the church uses embedded sensors conducted from collector fiber to make electronics 10 per it to a small pouch and easily be unplugged need to watch the shirt. >>: now time for the kron4 tech report with gabe slate >>: good morning a new tax
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start up a name to a blue apron is looking to expand in the bay area and they are now hiring 400 people for their fulfillment center and richman just off of the 580. these are good full-time jobs. we will tell you about them and how to apply for those coming up in a minute here. the first i want to tell you about blue apron and what they offer. it's a critical service thrift >>: blue aprons mission is to make gourmet cooking in your kitchen easy. if they deliver everything you need a fancy five-star restaurant mildred you can cancel or change your mail planned. your mail is delivered in a cool the box with all the ingredients condiments or whatever is required for the recipe. and you're given these color card to the lamp the direction step-by-step on how to prepare the meal. if all you need is a kitchen cooking utensils and you will learn how to cook a high and melt. and now let's talk about those jobs three
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or 400 jobs are for the fulfillment center in richmond to read this is where they produce the food packets of food should out of food. jobs are at $12 an hour pretty get a free lunch every day pre the offer some good benefits. it is our full-time jobs. i posted a direct link where to apply for these jobs on my tech page on our web site at kron4 dot com. gabe slate kron4 news. thefts >>: and business news we are following it's now official apple acquiring a be to electronics. --beats e corplectronics. deeds was founded in to thousand eight roth and bad news on the u.s. economy. a report coming out in the last hour. a dismal performance for the u.s. economy in the first three months of the year. it shows the u.s. economy
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to the kron4 morning news opening bell on wall street a disappointing and gross
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how clear skies when, at thought surface. bay area
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community 76. as things do change for the week and we have a clouds rolling am beginning tomorrow and the temperatures began to slide in dropping quite a bit over the next 24 hours will talk more about that when we have your complete forecast with their 7 day around the bay coming up and 645. for now though whatever to the traffic center. the georgia house of looking out there.
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there could been a hot spot develop and then the macarthur maze with an accident just reported here on 580 westbound grid is recorded to be on the connector ramp leading to eastbound highway 24. if that certainly is not a commute direction but was off 580 is very much the commute direction and has the potential to back up the traffic through downtown oakland seat will keep you updated on this new incident. the >>: thanks a lot. 632 right now. a developing story and the north ave. police and firefighters and nevada are on alert this morning after a string of suspicious fires. kron4's jacki sizzle as a live at the nevada fire department this morning with more on what they're looking for. >>: the fires actually took
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place last week about a week and a half ago. then there were about a dozen of them said sixth and just about a 48 hour period and a highly suspected it was an arsonist that committed those crimes. because of that if the nevada police department in cooperation with and about zero fire department's path decided to go highet when visibility patrol around the area. they basically had two options in this case. the one they could either go and basically hide in the bushes and wait for the suspected arsonist to strike again or at the they could go and be pro-active stance and that's what they decided to go. so basically what they did when the police to promote one all it at night to increase control in these areas. then and also late night. early in the morning. since then there have been out fires. there's still an open investigation. they still haven't caught anyone on this. but what they say is a half the fire department and
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the police to promote work together on this. in fact the fire department suggested to the police department that they go outside high visibility and that's what they've done with the man who sold one of the guns used in last week's killing rampage in santa
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barbara is speaking out now. kevin white says he remembers the transaction with eliot's roger perry that happened back in february. he says that there was nothing unusual about it and that roger went through the customary 10 day waiting period to receive the gun. why does he and his door and are responsible for the tragedy. >>: it happens from time to time and what about the guy who stole the knives of the stores or the guy who stole the car. and hit the boat trip to the soil bacteria cause of our do they know that he was going to do something with it. we sell to lose their items. and it's no different than a guy who stole the knife used. >>: roger killed six people and injured 13 on for friday before to his own life is in santa rosa of the lawyer representing the woman accused of assaulting absorber this person she believed a believe her daughter says he could prove
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his client is innocent. the lawyer says of the alleged belief actually it sucks himself and then blamed the mother the one who's accused of doing it. delia garcia bratcher. accused of up confronting the 12 year-old boy and choking him. her attorney has conducted a private investigation who says not one witness saw out of the boyish killed himself three eighth but
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curve if if oxford the, rim moments of certainty.
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this oxford his ahead sphene haft to add
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debt of a mall side. 54 and caulker 51 and was it. 641 are ready and pleasanton. lansford las if a fair juror
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7 day around the bay where the chair whether the monitors. come on a james but once again that it's a heavy back up of the bay bridge toll plaza where the main lights have been active for about one hour. that means traffic is already backing up into the macarthur maze the drive times have now become absolutely horrible if last check was 23 minutes out of the macarthur maze. the time that i'd like to spend.
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thanks a lot george 647 and half and into the eighth woman hopes that time accident in its restaurant and loan but on to be refurbished and not richmond. and robert his term on the is happening. the home on fred jackson away is the first of its kind. exclusively returning to lopsided present and return to their children. will house of to a woman and their kids >>: sit fix all the latest
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on the bay area tam of sports night live. if your kids guy game. why give a great cloud of your child on some defense tactic. this story is trending on the web sites now. brad pitt attack on the red carpet. we don't have that of the actual attack and here she is less nine. melissa sent this movie star and gentlemen of jelly. witnesses say a man jumped a security barriers and punched them in the face 3 here's a still shot. why the man has been
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detained now. he was tasseled and he was wrestled. a noble $20,000 bond. it is turned to the stage before in 2013. this is a thing. in this case there was 2013 adulterate the death knell live art of the pact realtor it this is a distinct periods socks off offers gift account coming up on the kron4 morning news a driver hits a strange speed bump on the road. with the what is coming up and
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live look here at the san mateo bridge a lot of sun with china traffic moving h,z/
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welcome back to kron4 morning news. here's a viral video. for the baby is called the full loose a baby. she has some serious news. she's landed on arms is shaken around would volunteer it looks like she's trying to join in with this little boy. but he does not have the same los. he can't compete with her. already receive to half- million views. should definitely have some of them. >>: thank you erica. as we had to the 7:00 hour sums video coming in and out of louisiana. flooding rains
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and that's causing an unusual problem. others opted. >>: take a look at this. a minivan driver and at north carolina getting quite forgetting quite the speed bumps 12 ft. 7 lb. alligator pear that will slow down. you can see it here. comes as long as the police cruisers are measured. it was it and unfortunately it died officials are now looking at the alligator is bound to try to figure how old it was >>: and the oakland zoo welcoming its newest addition. and baby baboon. its name is mimi which is swahili for i am 3 shoes adorned last week starting today mimi cannot be seen up daily at the zoo.
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>>: coming up in the 7:00 hour of the kron4 morning news will have an update of the bay area mom who went to her daughter's school to confront her daughter is a bully. and if there is a world that lebraun get a careless whisper in his ear world that lebraun get a careless wmy dad worked ear as a short order cook. right here. my parents were immigrants. and they taught me that with hard work, anything is possible. i earned a scholarship to mit. and worked across party lines to get things done. i'm alex padilla. i'll protect voting rights for everyone. and make it easier to start a business. so we create jobs and opportunity for all californians.
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what should we order? (announcer) alex padilla. secretary of state.
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get 5% cash back at lowe's this quarter so you can score more cash. activate your 5% cash back at chase. so you can. live in san francisco this morning were a man or winds up and up under a car and gas station parking lots. when gas attendant says happens it just moments. and one of the victims in the rampage of santa barbara to school here in leland high in san jose. tonight family friends and former students will say goodbye in a candlelight vigil. have the details of the vigil coming up in a live reports. if
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they keep an eye on bay area up weather and traffic on this warm up thursday morning. a commute will tell you how it isn't just a second. that's the >>: this is the bay area's new station kron 4 news at seven starts now. thanks for joining us on this thursday. here's what to a small but forecast prepared of a blue sky as the lands are kong. sforza if here's the way the weather is going to play out. in the cockpit and mild to wendy. temperatures at this point will probably be in the '50s probably upper forties.


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